These are the first round teams of Killer Voices. Love Inspired held a contest to decide who had writing voices for the Love Inspired Suspense line. Today these teams were announced. Congratulations everyone!!

Mary L. Ball –Voices of Suspicion
Kathryn Barker—Catch a Falling Angel
Lynn Huggins Blackburn—Need To Know
Lillian Duncan—Game On
Leigh Herren—If Walls Could Talk
Rhoda C. Hill—Glorified Manor
Megan Kellett—Strangled Love
Dena Marie Lopez—Deadly Homecoming
Dana R. Lynn—Oblivion
Jenna Night—A Sentry by Her Side
Mary Ellen Porter—The Last Find
Shirley Riggins—Trade Winds of Love
Patricia H. Rushford—Deadly Deception
Lucy Sawyer—Deadly Secrets
Karen Sims—Terror in the Ozarks


Liza Brandt—In the Line of Duty
Annie Wright Burnett—Deadly Assignment
Karen Cogan—An Unlikely Duo
Karen Collier—An Eye for an Eye
Jim Cook—Z-a-z-z-y Spells Murder
Nancy J. Farrier—Hide and Seek
Denise Frazier—Mountaintop Danger
Jessica Hayes—Tempestuous Love
Delia Latham—The Cottage Caper
Barbara Lukow—Sinister Legacy
Janelle Mowery—Found Hidden
Connie Queen—Killer at Kiddie Kampus
Marilynn Rockelman—Nine-One
Marina Teller—The Inheritance
Anna Zogg—Flying Blind


Angela Arndt—One for Sorrow
Rebecca Ashby—Hijacked
Lorelei Bedford—Desperate Measures
Laurel Blount—Reckless Endangerment
Amara Brooks—Capsized
Allyson Carter—Against All Odds
Meghan Carver—The Lawyer’s Last Hope
Mary Curry—Christmas in Hiding
Lauryn Eason—Betrayal
Joanne Graves—Blue Creek Protector
Caitlin Hemphill—Flirting with Danger
Michelle Karl—Iced
Jennifer Laird—Lavender Skies
Shawna Mumert—The Ties that Bind
Jenna Victoria—Heirloom Secret

Team Shana
Shanda Arnett—A Night to Remember
Lisa Christenson—Hawk of Wa Pu Ta Creek
Deb Harkness—What Lurks Beneath
Tammy Johnson—In the Wind
Janice K. Olson—Run…But You Can’t Hide
John R. Pickens—Desert Rain
Kavanagh Rees—Death by Number
Muna Sheik—Shotgun Dead
Dianna Shuford—Hidden Motives
Anne Marie Sinclair—Unbroken
Tanya Stowe—Danger in Dhofar
Angela Ruth Strong—Presumed Dead
Therese Travis—Guardian of Angels
Alexa Verde—Lost Solitude
Terri Weldon—Dead on Monday

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