The Writers Desk Welcomes Louise Gouge

Today we are talking with Louise Gouge about her writing and workspace. Louise is an Award-winning Florida author who  writes historical fiction for Harlequin's Love Inspired imprint. In addition to numerous other awards, Louise is the recipient of the prestigious Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award for her 2005 historical novel, Hannah Rose (first place) and her 2011 Regency novella, The Gentleman Takes a Bride, (second place).
Welcome Louise!! Let's get started....
If  you were blind, how would you describe your writing space?
My desk sits in the corner of my bedroom and has all the comforts and utilities of an office: comfy chair with back support, keyboard drawer, laptop computer connected to a large monitor, land line phone, file drawers, and bookshelves beside and above me. A sliding glass door beside me provides a view of our grassy back lawn.
Is there anything unique about your space?
It’s a cozy place where external sights and sounds don’t intrude unless I let them.
How long have you used this space?
I’ve had this spot for over two years.
Any organizational or writing space tip, tool, method, hint or amazing revelation you’d like to share.
Because my bedroom has plush carpet, I have a mat under my chair that permits me to roll around to easily reach anything I may need.
If you were going on a trip, what two writing tools would you take from your desk besides your computer?
Good old-fashioned pen and paper. And postit notes.
What are your favorite writing books?
Brandilyn Collins’ Getting into Character is my favorite. As a former amateur actress, I really related to her method of discovering my characters by getting into their skins.
What do you love most about your space?
I just love the cozy, comfy feel of it.
What do you hate or dislike about your space?
I can’t really think of anything I don’t like about it. I feel very blessed to have such a great spot to write.
What do you surround yourself with that isn’t writing related but that helps you to enjoy your writing space?
I have a television in the room. When I need a break from writing, I can catch up on my favorite shows or just watch the news without having to move an inch.
What are you currently working on?
I’m very excited to announce that I’m writing my first western series for Love Inspired Historical. The series is entitled Four Stones Ranch, and the first book, Cowboy to the Rescue, will be released in September 2014. I’m working on the second book now. I also have several books on sale in e-book format. Please take a look at Escape from Kikwit!, the fictionalized story of my daughter's missionary adventures in the Heart of Darkness.
Do you have a new release you’d like to tell us about? 
My most recent release is my final Regency romance entitled A Lady of Quality (July 2013). I loved writing stories set in England, but I’ve always wanted to write westerns, so it’s fun to challenge myself to learn a whole new genre. My newest release is an new ebook titled, Escape From Kikwit.
Oh this looks interesting, Louise. Would you please share a little about this book?

Sure... Abandoned in the Heart of Darkness during a deadly rebellion in the western African nation of Zaire, missionary school teacher Jenna Grant misses the only plane to safety and finds herself left behind in the company of a French Foreign Legionnaire. The only thing more dangerous to Jenna than the rampaging rebels out to take her life is the handsome young soldier who attempts to steal her heart.

At last Legionnaire Jean-Richard Chanson has found the fulfillment of his quest for happiness: a beautiful missionary teacher he must rescue from violent rebels. But how can he win her heart when she has already given it to an invisible rival, a God whom Jean-Richard has long ago rejected?

Where can we learn more about you?
Please visit my Web site at

Thank you so much for being a part of THE WRITER’S DESK blog series J
Thanks for having me!

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