Prologue to Bluebells and Shotgun Shells

I hope you enjoy the sneak peak into Bluebells and Shotgun Shells.


A Kathryn Snow Cozy Mystery: Kathryn Snow has her hands full with running her flower shop The Petal Pusher and keeping up with the Tuesday Morning Bunch. When her co-worker, Allen Cross's nephew is accused of murder and the Tuesday Morning Bunch expect her to solve who killed local chef, Cole Monroe, will Kathryn find more than Cole's killer?


     “Steady. Get a good shot. Focus on the head. This is no different than target shooting. Well, it is but I can do it. People are no different than animals. I’ve been practicing for days to do this. All I have to do is pull the trigger. 

It was definitely Monday. Cody Monroe pulled the bluebells and baby’s breath bouquet off the seat. He dropped the card that went with them and bent over in the seat to pick it up. His fingers fumbled around in the semi-darkness in search of the little envelope. Why hadn’t he done this earlier? “Got it.”  He hurried up the walkway to Sherry’s front door.

Pull the trigger now!

The sound of the shot filled the dusky night air.

Hurry! Your prey is down. Run, see if he’s dead.

Cody groaned.

Oh no! Don’t think, just aim for the heart this time. Pull the trigger! Hurry, the police will be here soon and you still have to kill her, too.

More shots filled the night air and then all fell silent.

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