To Trust An Outlaw

I am excited to see that Barbour Books has breathed new life into TO TRUST AN OUTLAW!

A gang of bandits has captured Elizabeth Winterspoon, and a case of mistaken identity is the only thing keeping her safe for now. With no one else to turn to, she begins to accept the help that one outlaw has offered. Jonathan Russell hates deceiving Elizabeth, but the closer he gets to the truth, the more his cover can't be compromised. When he finds himself falling in love, his past comes back to haunt him. Will Elizabeth be able to truly forgive and allow the Lord to help her to trust an outlaw?

This was my first stand alone novel. It was also my first western romance. And, this was the first book cover I had any input into (I sent a picture of my son sitting on the bank of one of the New Mexico rivers and they used it!)
As you can see, To Trust An Outlaw has a special place in my heart. I pray that if you download it, it will have a special place in your heart as well.

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Karen said...

I just finished it in one sitting. I couldn't put it down! I Love your writing!!!