Rambling on Cleaning and Organizing

I am in a cleaning mod. Have you ever just went through a time of cleaning and organization? Most people wait until Spring to do what they call Spring Cleaning. Me? I find I am cleaning all the time. Now this is because of two things: either we are very dirty people (we aren't it just is a never ending job) or I am never happy with the way things look (yep, I think this is it).

So, for the next few posts I will be rambling on cleaning and organization. I would love to hear some of your cleaning secrets or ways that you organize your home and office.
Now does the sign make sense? I want us to use our minds and figure out how to make cleaning and organizing my stuff simpler... We can do it together!


Karen said...

Hmmm - cleaning and organizing. Nope, never have learned how to do that. My closets need someone to put them in their place though. They do get unruly!!

Rhonda Gibson said...

Laughing Karen! I know what you mean. Last week, I spent the whole week working on two closets. They are organized now but I still need to weed through the clothes :) Thanks for commenting! Love having you here.