3 Writing Tips

Good Morning everyone!!

I did an interview over at Christian Writer's World on Wednesday (if you go there and comment before next Friday you could win a copy of my latest book) and someone posted they enjoyed my writing tips. So I started thinking, why not offer a few writer's tips on here as well. I'll start with 3 and see if anyone is interested in more.

1. Pray over everything writing related. This is very important, if you truly want to succeed.

2. Write everyday - even if it is just a sentence. If you aren't working on a novel, start small with a journal :o)

3. Join a writer's group! I can't encourage you enough to join a group. American Christian Fiction Writers, is my favorite.  If you can find a local group, check them out. But before you pay your dues, make sure they are there to learn writing and encourage each other and aren't just a social group. The time you spend socializing could be used writing.

I hope you enjoyed these three tips. If I get a lot of comments on this post, I will post more writing tips. So let me know. Do you want more tips?

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CatMom said...

I'm always eager to read tips on writing, Rhonda! Thanks for sharing these.
Blessings, Patti Jo :)