The Titanic

I'm guilty...

Like everyone else I am fascinated with the Titanic. My heart goes out to the families that lost love one's that fateful night. And there is something about that time period, that draws me in.

 So much so that I wrote a contemporary book and added a historical thread. What's In Your Closet? is a romantic cozy mystery.

                                            Researching this book was a lot of fun and a little sad. First off, the contemporary part of  it is set in Oklahoma. My home state. Then there is the part of the story about the Titanic, the historical part, that had to be researched. The fun part of the research came when I  took a trip to Oklahoma, picked up Mom and we headed to Branson, MO where they have a large Titanic exhibit. I was able to see the artifacts from the time period and some from the actual ship. I saw where each class slept and ate and I felt how cold the water was that night. The sad part of the research was reading the names and seeing the faces of those who died that fateful night.

                                            So tell me... are you fascinated with the Titanic too? if so, what do you feel the draw is?


Browningblog said...

I think I am "semi" facinated with the Titanic. Several years ago, we went to a special exhibit at the St. Louis Science Center. When we started, we were each handed a card with a name on it. We were that person through the exhibit, seeing where we would have slept, dined, etc. At the very end, you looked for your name. I survived, Andrew and Robert neither one did. I think that was when I got more interested and it became a bit more real. I know there have been several of the new museuems open, I am looking forward to making it to one. I loved the connection in What's in Your Closet though--of course, I think it is still my favortie book.

Rhonda Gibson said...

I agree those cards with a name on them make it all more real.

Thanks for the compliment. I'm so glad you enjoyed What's In Your Closet?