Writing on Vacation

James and I just got back from a week vacation. I told myself I was going to write so took the netbook, writing notebook, jumpdrive and away we went!

First off, writing in the car DID NOT WORK! Why? well, I didn't bring the little table top that "might" have stablized the netbook as we drove on bumpy roads and took curves at amazing speeds! So after an hour of frustration at the jumping mouse, I gave up.

Then when we got to the hotel, we discovered there was just sooo much to do! Hoped out of bed in the mornings and away we went. We walked alot to get to places, once there we saw amazing shows, saw beautiful wildlife and enjoyed talking to the locals. Needless to say, it was way past my bedtime when we returned to our room, so no writing in the evenings.

Now take heart dear readers... there are things you can do writing related while on vacation. 1. Take lots of pictures for future books or your scrapbook. 2. Buy research books (I brought home 5, plus a new baby name book) 3. Relax and allow yourself to enjoy the time off from writing, your writing will be better if you take the time to relax your mind.

If you are a writer, do you write when on vacation? if you aren't a writer, do you take your work with you when you go on vacation?

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