Getting My House Back Series

Good morning everyone. I've been getting my act together. Writing, cardmaking and sewing take a lot of time. My poor house was suffering greatly. Oh and reading, I love to read and it takes time too.

So I sat down and went back to my roots. Years ago, Mom introduced me to a book called Sidetracked Home Executives by Pam Young and Peggy Jones. They used a card system to get your house in order. I liked that system but when we moved to New Mexico, I lost control of my home again so went with another program called, Fly Lady by Marla Cilley. Great program also, she uses  notebooks.

I LOVE notebooks and began to use her system. Only it overwhelmed me. It may not overwhelm you, so please feel free to give it a try if you are looking for a way to get your home in order.

I created my own morning and evening routines I'm working on getting my house back together by purging stuff we don't need and organizing what we do need.

I'm starting a series of blogs to document how I'm taking care of my home. Please feel free to follow along.

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