Hi Everyone!

Hope you are having a wonderful June. It is hot here in New Mexico and fires have been burning all around us all month. It's dry and so far we've had a day and a half of rain all month. We are praying for more rain as we are in a Stage 3 drought. That means our lawns, gardens and outdoor flowers can only be watered on certain days of the weeks. Feel free to add your prayers to ours.

On a different topic. We found out a few days ago that our new baby, ok... my daughter's new baby, will be born around January 10th. I am so excited. I've bought a pattern or two to sew up some fun things for both baby and mama. I'm not a real good sewer so I'm not sure how good those items will be but I'm going to try.

Since I'm talking about sewing, I might as well talk some about my card making. I love making cards! I've decided to sell them to help pay for this fun hobby. I've been selling them for several months now and have two categories that I'm building on... Pet owner Cards, for my local groomer and a couple of folks who have started ordering them, Christian Cards using the KJV of the Bible for my scriptures, and then other cards as the occasions arise such as Thank You, Birthday, Sympathy and then special occasions like Holidays and Graduation. I am loving it.

You maybe wondering about the writing. Yes, I am still writing. I'm working on a couple of contemporary romance and a contemporary cozy mystery. I'm hoping to finish one of the romances by the end of next month. I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you who read my books. You are the reason I continue to write. Thank you.

Until next time,

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