Yesterday HIS CHOSEN BRIDE was hitting the store shelves!!! So  to entice you to buy it, I thought I'd share the first few pages with you... I hope you enjoy Levi and Millie's story.


Chapter One

Millie Hamilton stood in the stagecoach doorway and looked out on the town before her. Dusty, rustic and sparse. Most certainly not like her beloved hometown of Cottonwood Springs, New Mexico, with its trees along Main Street and flower boxes in front of businesses. No, she was finally in Granite, Texas, six months past her original arrival date.

"Miss Millicent Summer?"

Millie knew without being told that the man in front of her was Levi Westland, the man who'd expected to marry her six month ago. She was to have been his mail-order bride. She recognized him from the photograph he'd sent her in his last letter, though the small picture hadn't done him justice. Surely he hadn't continued to meet the stage daily.

 "Yes?" Millie allowed him to take her gloved hand and assist her from the stage.

“I'm Levi Westland."
To say Levi Westland was handsome would have been an understatement. Piercing green eyes shone from his face like gleaming porcelain and two dimples appeared as if loving fingers had squeezed his cheeks. She was caught off guard by the sudden flutter in her heart. He was the most handsome man she'd ever met and that meant trouble for her.

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