How to Write a Book

I'm asked all the time how to write a book. So today I thought I might break it down into 4 simple steps that work for me.

1. Come up with an Idea.
        Now I know that seems simple enough but that's not always the case. Here's how I look for ideas: I listen to people talk sometimes something that is said will spark an idea. I enjoy writing historical novels so I go online and look up town histories or think of a famous real life character such as Billy the Kid and read up on him. Some authors get ideas from TV. Those are just three general ways but I think you get the "idea." Pun intended.

2. Create well-developed Characters.
      Ask yourself what makes this character unique? What does he/she want? And what will stop him/her from getting what she wants? Give your characters flaws.  It's important to make your characters as interesting as possible. There are whole books written on how to develop characters, I'm simply giving you basics to get you started.

3. Create a Deadline.
      There are lots of people out there who dream of writing a book. Serious writers give themselves a deadline and stick to it. Even before I became published, I gave myself deadlines. Why? An idea is exciting when you start, writing a book around that idea is work. By setting a deadline you don't give up. You press on. And, if you are a serious writer, you finish the book. Now, let me make myself clear, I am not saying if you don't meet your deadline you are not a serious writer. Life happens and sometimes you just can't meet that deadline, that's ok. Set a new deadline and press on until you finish your book.

4. Sit down and write
     I hear you screaming but I'm not ready yet! I haven't read all the books on writing. I'm not sure my characters are completely developed. I still have research to do. And the excuses go on and on...
I understand... but you will never write a book if you don't sit down and write. Yes, keep studying books on writing (I'm reading two right now) But at some point you have to write to finish a book. Write while waiting on appointments, while at your kids sports practices and any other free moment you might have. Set a word or page count that you will write daily to meet that deadline.

Those are the four basic things you can do to write a book. Happy Writing and let me know how it goes!

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