Trains in the 1800's

I'm planning a trip to Durango, Colorado one day next week. My heroine is about to meet her hero in Durango and how do you think he will arrive? by train of course :)

I love researching books and am looking forward to this outing. I'm hopeful that the train yard looked about the same in 1887 as it does today... I'll let you know. Until then... enjoy the picture of one of the Durango trains that a friend of mine too. It is headed to Silverton, Colorado... now there is a historical town that I love!


Anonymous said...

Christian and I are studying the history of trains. One of the sections is on the Great Train Chase that happened during the Civil War. I love this train picture, with the fall background and all. I will be adding the Durango train to our unit. Thank you for the info!

Susan Manchester
Jacksonville, FL

Rhonda Gibson said...

I am so glad my post helped :)