The Writer's Desk Welcomes Amanda Dieckmann Olsen

I actually have two places where I write. I wish I had an office, but my house is small- less than 1200 square feet.

In the morning I write at the kitchen table. The kitchen is the only finished room in our house, so I like hanging out in there. I stare out the bay window at the birds or watch the dust dancing in the slanting light while I drink my coffee. Then, I start typing. I don’t always get a solid hour in before my kids start making demands, but I do what I can. I usually leave the laptop out so I can take advantage of every lull in the chaos. Between cooking, cleaning, and diaper changes, I get quite a bit done.

The other place I write is a big, red wingback chair. I inherited this chair from my Nana. It’s a lovely, cozy place full of happy memories. I work here mostly at night. I don’t need complete silence to write, so I can curl up in my chair while my husband watches the Mets lose. In the winter I cover up with a crocheted afghan and in the summer I am in front of the AC.

Being flexible about my writing environment helps me get more done. If I can’t write something out completely, I will at least get the idea down in my notes. That way I can flesh it out when my kids are in bed. I hardly ever lose a thread, and if I do, that usually means it wasn’t strong enough in the first place. I try to write wherever I am, whenever I can.

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