The Writer's Desk Welcomes Cheryl Bolen

Welcome back everyone!!
Please join me in welcoming Cheryl Bolen. We decided to show you her office as if I were interviewing her. Hers is the first that will look like this, trust me, there will be others :) My questions are in bold and her answers are lighter. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we enjoyed doing it.
How would you describe your writing space?

Light filled


Is there anything unique about your space?

I have a view of some woods that surround my house.

How long have you used this space?

The sun room has been my office since I bought this house in 2001.

Any organizational or writing space tip, tool, method, hint or amazing revelation you’d like to share.

Those who are savvy with computers will find me a dinosaur. I still have an assortment of three-ring notebooks. Some are for books in progress. Some are for various kinds of research.

One thing I find invaluable, since I write English historicals, is a map of England on my desk because I have to consult it a lot.

My office also houses many of my research books. And I have a lot.


What are your favorite writing books?

There are so many! But one that is most helpful to an author is my The Word Finder. It's not like a synonym finder or thesaurus. It helps you find something elusive like a word to describe a verb. For instance, I could look up a verb like descend and it gives me 13 adverbs to go with it, including pompously, hastily, noiselessly, and quickly. You can also look up adjectives to describe the noun you're using. It's lots of fun to play with.

For plotting a new book, I like Save the Cat, Hero's Journey, and Goal, Motivation, and Conflilct by Deb Dixon.

 What do you love most about your space?

I love all the light. And my Herman Miller Aeron chair – which was a necessity for one (with back trouble) who sits in front of a computer so many hours a day.

 What do you hate or dislike about your space?

Because my room is all windows with cold, tile floors, it can get nippy in the winter.

What do you surround yourself with that isn’t writing related but that helps you to enjoy your writing space?

Pandora Radio. I love every song they play on my "customized" channel. It's pretty much old standards of the American Song Book. I like music that's even older than me.

What are you currently working on?

I'm working on a proposal for my second Stately Homes Murders to follow my 2013 Montlake book, Falling for Frederick.

Do you have a new release you’d like to tell us about?

I have a Jan. 27 release of my fifth book in my Brides of Bath series of historical novels set in Regency England. It's titled Love in the Library. That's today!!!
Thank you Cheryl for such a fun interview. I look forward to reading your future books :) 



Cheryl Bolen said...

I'm just back from the gym and am going to pop over to Facebook and let folks know I'm visiting here today. Thanks, Rhonda, for having me.

Cheryl Bolen said...

Many thanks, Rhonda, for the great interview and for allowing me to display my office.

Rhonda Gibson said...

Thank you so much Cheryl for popping by. I was snowed in, in Oklahoma and didn't do much internet at all. I enjoyed having you and loved seeing your work space :)