The Writer's Desk with Rhonda Gibson

This is my desk...
 I write in what I call "The Writing Cottage". I wish it was this clean all the time. I love this workspace.

 The writing cottage is a small building that my husband built for me. Here is a picture of the outside. 
There are plus's and minus's with this space. The plus, I have my own private, quiet spot to write. The minus, I have to go outside in all kinds of weather to get to this awesome space. I admit, most days going outside is a small price to pay for having my space.
I have moved between the cottage and a bedroom in my house since 2007. But, I have come to the conclusion that out here is the best!
Right now I'm working on a book that is tentatively titled: Pony Express Bride. It will be coming out in December of this year.
If you want to read my latest title, that was written in my office, look for Taming The Texas Rancher. Available now :)


Dana McNeely said...

How nice that your hubby built you this lovely space!

Rhonda Gibson said...

Thank you Dana... I think so too :)