Release Day & Free Christmas Ebook!!

Today is Release Day for Taming The Texas Rancher!! This is Hannah Young's story and a mail-order bride story!

Here's the blub from Amazon:

Though he'd never planned to wed, Daniel Westland must marry and produce a grandchild before his brother does in order to inherit the family ranch. Leave it to him to pick a mail-order bride who insists on being courted! Yet every time Daniel wonders if Hannah Young is even suited to rugged living, the petite schoolteacher shows her gumption.

What man sends away for a bride but doesn't really want to get married? Hannah came to Granite, Texas, hoping to find love and security, and she can't settle for less than a true partnership. If the brooding, handsome rancher can just learn to trust in Hannah, their future could be as filled with promise as this bountiful land..



CatMom said...

Congratulations on the release of your newest book, Rhonda! It sounds like a wonderful story.
Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo :)

Danie Walther said...

Hey Rhonda,

I would absolutely love to read your newest book.

Danie Walther said...

Congratulations on your new book. It looks interesting and I would love too read it.