My 30th Anniversary

This year James and I celebrated our 30th anniversary!
Mr. and Mrs. James Gibson May 1983
He is such a romantic and I am so blessed!

This year he planned a month long vacation for our anniversary, 30 years, 30 days... get it?

Anyway, we went to Florida for two weeks where I got to swim with a dolphin named Thelma. As a sea life lover, this was a dream come true. Thelma was a sweetheart and she gave me one of my anniversary presents from James. You'll never guess what it was so I'll tell you... it was a buoy!
It was white and it says Happy 30th Anniversary on the side. I LOVE IT!

Okkkkk, here's a picture of it.

We also did other things, like go to Sea World, twice, and Universal Studios. We had a wonderful time exploring/geocaching in several states as we traveled.

We spent a week in Galveston Texas. Now that is a town I love! When we were first married and for several years afterward, Galveston was our choice for vacationing. Our children were little and loved the ocean as much as James and I do. It was the perfect place to return to after all these years.

Galveston history is awesome! I am going to set a book or maybe even a series of books there. More on that another day.

Oh, would you like to see what James and I look like today? Then here you go. This is us at New Smyrna Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. James Gibson May 2013


Deborah Vogts said...

Thanks for sharing, Rhonda. Happy Anniversary!!!

Rhonda Gibson said...

Thanks Debbie!!!

Dawn Janis said...

Galveston is a fun island. I've been several times. It helps that it's only about 45 minutes south of me.

And Happy Anniversary!

CatMom said...

Happy Anniversary!! Your travels sound wonderful!
Hugs, Patti Jo :)