A glimps into a writers life

Today has been a busy day. I thought some of you might like to see what life is like during VBS for this author.

7:00 am -- Up and going over VBS lesson for tonight. Peter's betrayal and Christ's death.

8:00 am -- Answering email and playing on facebook

8:30 am -- pulling up current book and realizing that I saved my latest edits on a jumpdrive that isn't in it's slot.

Next Hour spent looking for said jumpdrive

9:30-10:30 chatting with friend about missing jumpdrive and other stuff

10:30-11:30 re-writing what is on lost jumpdrive

11:30-2:30 Off to town for lunch and Walmart... buying stuff for VBS kids and hubby's dinner

2:30 -3:30 working on book again

3:30-4:00 working on this blog and getting ready for VBS

4:00-9:00 VBS stuff

9:00-10:00 hubby time

Then off to bed...

And I thought this life would be soooo glamours when I started. LOL

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