Happy May Newsletter.

Hi everyone,

Hope you are having a wonderful May.

With the new privacy laws and such, I will no longer be sending out newsletters to readers. But, don't panic! I'm going to use this blog as my newsletter as well as a blog. So once a month around the 15th, you can expect a longer post than normal. If you don't want to read a longer post, feel free to skip the 15th but please come back again for my shorter blog posts.

This month is a busy one for us. My son's birthday is on the 7th, Mother's Day is this month and my anniversary is this month. Yep, I get double the gifts this month. I also get to enjoy the new flowers that are in stores and some that are blooming in my yard. For mother's day, my children bought me flowers this year to go on my little table that sits on my front porch. I love them.

I've also been in my craft cottage making cards and bookmarks. The craft cottage used to be my writing cottage but the crafts took over and my writing office is now in a bedroom. I love making cards and fun craft projects. I'll be doing a couple of craft fairs this fall but we'll chat about that another day.

In my writing world, Baby on Her Doorstep just hit the Walmart Bookshelves. I am thrilled to see my last Love Inspired Historical on the shelf. But don't worry, this is not my last book. I am working for another publisher and will have a new novella titled, A Match Made In Chocolate coming out in June. I'll have pictures of the cover in my June news letter. Until then, please enjoy this cover of Baby on Her Doorstep. If you don't see it at your Walmart's or don't feel like going to Walmart, simply click on the picture and it will take you to Amazon where you can get it in both paperback and e-book form.


Thank you all for coming by and reading my May Newsletter. I hope you return regularly and see what I'm up to. 

Until next time, 
Warmly, Rhonda

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