I love honey on hot buttered biscuits. When I wrote A Honey of a Christmas, I did a lot of research on honey and honey beekeeping. So why not share a couple of things with you all?


Interesting Honey Facts: 

  • There are over 300 unique types of honey identified in the US. The flavor of honey is derived from the nectar source the bee gathers from.
  • Eating local honey is great for your allergies.
  • Honey contains every substance needed to sustain human life.
  • A single honeybee will only produce about 1/12 teaspoon of honey during its entire life .
Interesting Honey History:
  • Honey bees are not native to the Americas but came over with some of the first colonists.
  • Honey contains natural preservatives. Vats of sealed honey were found in King Tut’s tomb that still contained edible honey after being stored for over 2,000 years.
Did any of that surprise you? Do you like honey and if so, what's your favorite way to eat it?

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