Wacky Wednesday!

Taking a little break from writing to say hello today :)

The morning started out promising and then a series of events soured it for me. My pets had issues and I had issue clean up duty today... makes Rhonda a cranky girl. But, I know I have it easy so decided not to dwell on the ickiness :)  You know, I am so happy that God understands when I get cranky and loves me anyway.

I decided to focus on my office. I got my decorative heater moved inside and put up the valence over my window. It turned out very pretty. All I have left for my office to be complete is to move my bookshelves inside. They will be a big job to move so I'm putting that off for another day.

Now break time is over, so back to the writing. Night all.


Dawn Janis said...

Wacky Wednesday was one of my favorite Dr Seuss books as a child.

Rhonda Gibson said...

I've read a lot of the Dr. Seuss books, Dawn but don't think I've ever read Wacky Wednesday... I'll have to do that :)

Dawn Janis said...

It might not have been Dr. Seuss, but your blog post title is what reminded me of it.